How to add and EventKeeper RSS feed to a WordPress Sidebar

To the right of this post you’ll see an example EventKeeper rss feed. This feed is being displayed using a text widget in WordPress.  There are two steps to setting up this list, first create the rss feed in EventKeeper.  Second, add the feed to WordPress using a sidebar widget.

Here’s how to make an RSS feed in EventKeeper:

1.  Login as an ADMIN to your EventKeeper page and go to the ADMIN PAGE.

2. On the EventKeeper ADMIN PAGE, click CREATE in the Multipublishing section to create a new RSS feed.  Name is something like WORDPRESS so you can identify it later.

3. Once you have finished adding in the parameters for you feed, click on the Create XML file to be used as the RSS feed button.  This will create a link that looks similar to the one below.  This link is the one you will add into WordPress.[YOUR ORG CODE]_wordpress.xml

For more detailed instructions on how to make an RSS feed, please see this link in AnswerKeeper

How to add your RSS feed to WordPress using an RSS widget

In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance=>Widgets. Add an rss widget to your sidebar.  Here you can give it a title and pick a location on your page for it.  Save and you are done.

Special notes

You can set the refresh rate for your feed in EK and also manually refresh the feed.  This applies to all feeds on the Plymouth Rocket server.  For those updates to be reflected in WordPress, you will need to refresh WordPress as well.

Please contact us with any questions.  We are happy to help!


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